White Sourdough Loaf

A Bread Affair


To reduce waste, we freeze the bread right after it is baked. This allows us to have fresh bread every day of the week! For best experience let thaw over night, or fill up your house with the smell of fresh bread and pre heat your oven to 350 F and cook for 10 minutes. For best quality only freeze on arrival, do not re-freeze once thawed.

Featuring A Bread Affair's Napa Valley sourdough culture! An amazing foundation for any sandwich, or simply toasted with a healthy dab of butter.

A Bread Affair is British Columbia’s first Certified Organic Bakery, located on Granville Island. Locally sourced ingredients, artisan crafted, and incredibly delicious!
Organic Unbleached Flour, Salt, Wheat Germ, Organic Malt, Organic Sourdough Starter
Contains / Note: Wheat
Country of Origin: Canada

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