Straight-Sided Glass Jar, 16 oz



Fits 500 ml of whatever you'd like & looks good doing it.

A Bread Affair is British Columbia’s first Certified Organic Bakery, located on Granville Island. Locally sourced ingredients, artisan crafted, and incredibly delicious!
Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. Their beeswax food wrap protects & breathes like nature's peel & rind and food is preserved longer than you've ever imagined.
People with periods deserve safe, effective & sustainable options designed for their comfort. Aisle creates products that work well, feel great, and do good while they're at it.
Albatross is on a mission to eliminate plastic from shaving. Shaving with a real tool like this feels incredible; its safe and easy, and you're going to love the experience so much you'll actually look forward to shaving! Please help them in their mission to "SHAVE" the World from Plastic.
Since 1939, the Amano family name has stood for quality in naturally brewed soy sauce and miso. Drawing on three generations of Japanese brewing traditions, Amano's products are carefully aged, resulting in a superior finish.
The folks at Amoda have tasted thousands of teas from hundreds of independent makers all across North America to bring you small-batch, all-natural selections that you just won't find anywhere else. They know that plants can help elevate your body, mind, and mood – and want to share that with you.
Anita's make freshly milled flours from locally sourced, sprouted organic grains using traditional, sustainable methods in Chilliwack, BC.
Artesian Acres is from the Prairie Harvest - home of Canada's award winning pastas. This kamut pasta is pure & unadulterated, 100% organic, & completely pesticide-free.
Since 1999, North Vancouver’s Artisan Bake Shoppe has been providing customers with “honest bread” - authentic artisan breads crafted by hand, leavened with natural starters and little or no yeast, and baked in a hearth oven for a distinctly delicious flavour and texture.
Avalon has been family-run since 1906, with their farms located in the Fraser Valley. You can tell they're traditionalists from their iconic glass bottles!
Bakers Supply House has been in business for over 25 years & is currently located in Surrey, BC. They manufacturer high quality vanilla extract, baking powder, and spice mixes.
Bambu's goal has remained unchanged for nearly 20 years: to reduce our use and reliance on plastic by providing people with beautiful, non-toxic products made from nature.
Baugher Ranch Organics is deeply dedicated to the organic mission and the organic community. Their commitment to their customers and each consumer is to farm and handle organic almonds while maintaining the highest quality and integrity product possible.
The BC Eco Seed Co-op is a producer's cooperative of 17 farmers providing BC grown, certified organic and ecological seeds grown on out farms across British Columbia. From packet size to large bulk quantities, the BC Eco Seed Co-op has seeds for growers of all sizes.
Berry Brook Organic Farm is located in rural Abbotsford, BC. They're dedicated to producing delicious tasting, high quality fruit that’s been grown according to Certified Organic standards.
Biota's methods are rooted in tradition. As a small batch fermentation company from Vancouver, BC, they specialize in natural and traditional preservation techniques to deliver a product that is rich in both quality and live cultures.
Bite (Bringing Insects To Everyone) offers cricket protein products made from quality, whole, organic ingredients. Thhis women-owned, local company believes that the environmentally-conscious food choices we make don't have to sacrifice taste or nutrition.
Blue Heron produces small batch, 100% dairy-free, plant-based vegan cheeses and other products using high quality local ingredients in Vancouver, BC.
The owners of Blume believe that being healthy is all about balance, not punishment. We're all on out own personal wellness journey, so if you want to have a beetroot latte, go for it. But don't feel bad about ordering that custard filled croissant.
BobAli Foods hand produces punchy flavours of hummus, tapenade, and pesto. Made by two chefs who believe that when it comes to a really good dip, go bold or go home!
Bows & Arrows is a small family and friend-run business in Victoria, BC. They are a collection of stray coffee professionals taking a run at making something good while everyday making something fantastic – perfect coffee.
A family tradition since 1979, the Bremner name is your guarantee of quality and freshness. The Bremner family prides itself on producing the highest quality farm produce and premium quality products, and is committed to using only the finest ingredients.
Brush Naked is all about sustainable living. They believe in taking responsibility for our waste by reusing, reducing, and recycling. Let’s Brush Naked and help save the planet together!
Caboo tree-free household paper products are made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane – not trees! It’s bamboo’s strength and sugarcane’s softest fibres that make Caboo the softest, safest and most sustainable household paper products on the planet.
Established in 2009, Cedar Isle Farm Organic Grains CSA provides the Lower Mainland with locally produced grain and flour. The grain crops are all grown and cared for at their family farm in Agassiz, BC and all their products are certified organic.
ChopValue manufactures a wide-range of products made from upcycled chopsticks collected across the Lower Mainland. Their offerings include sustainable home décor to zero waste furniture for everyday customers, and they also provide eco-friendly custom solutions for our closed-loop partners, such as businesses and real estate developers.
HCoastie Craft Burgers are handcrafted in Vancouver. The flavours of our city are transformed into delicious, satisfying, plant-based burgers. Whole, organic ingredients. Minimally processed, minimally packaged.
Cora Ball in inspired by the way coral filters the ocean. It protects your clothes and the ocean by collecting synthetic microfibers in each wash, keeping them out of waterways.
Cowichan Pasta came to life in 2010. They work with local farmers to grow both ancient grains and modern grains for their pasta production which is then milled at True Grain Mill and Bakery. They produce frozen ravioli and dried pasta using ingredients from BC and many local products such as salt from Vancouver Island Salt Company, Cowichan Valley beef, BC spot prawns, vegetables and foraged items like seaweed and mushrooms when in season.
Credobags manufactures practical and convenient reusable bags that are made in Canada. Their philosophy is to reduce plastic waste in the environment by providing smart solutions to consumers.
Crofter's small, family business may have grown a little since 1989, but their commitments have always remained the same: affordable organic spreads, responsible creation, and jars chock-full of flavor and nutrition.
Daiya makes dairy-free eating a joy. From the ooey gooey goodness of a grilled cheese to the rich and creamy taste of fruit-kissed yogurt, all our products taste great. And that makes you feel great.
Denman Island Chocolate is a business which caters to those who like their chocolate organic and dark. Their bars are sold in retail outlets across Canada and the United States, making it possible to eat good chocolate while looking at either the Atlantic or the Pacific, the prairies or a mountain range.
Every time Dental Lace sells one glass container, it replaces seven plastic containers. Dental Lace is proud to bring a product to the market that can help us all protect our natural resources.
Dickie's Ginger is your local Vancouver ginger beer company. Made fresh weekly from all whole ingredients, no junk or artificial flavours.
In business since 1999, Discovery Organics is an independently owned Canadian distributor of Certified Organic and Fair Trade produce. They passionately work to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here in B.C. and beyond.
Diva Cup has been revolutionizing the period game for millions since 2003 with their reusable menstrual cup.
Crafted with love and integrity in Canada, Dom’s is committed to using 100% plant based and organic ingredients to create a deodorant that is amazingly effective while being kind to the body and planet.
Earnest is the first ice cream shop to pack pints in returnable and reusable glass jars. Reuse is a part of their goal of being a zero waste company. Their jars can be found in independent shops like Nada around Vancouver.
Way back in 1998, Earth Balance started out as a little company with one product: their non-GMO, expeller-pressed Original Buttery Spread. It wasn't long before people started paying attention. Like vegans, for example, who assumed they'd never taste anything buttery again. Then all of a sudden, right out of the blue, craveable, meltable, buttery goodness was back on the menu.
Plant-based food company Follow Your Heart has always led the way in innovating great tasting and better-for-you foods while striving to make the world more compassionate (and delicious).
East Van Roasters uses exclusively organic, fair trade coffee beans. For them, working with philanthropic suppliers is a must in the production of their bean-to-bar chocolate and coffee.
Eco-Bags Products is a Certified B Corporation. Their mission is to offer thoughtful, ethically and sustainably sourced, durable-reusable bags that allow people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in.
EcoJarz is committed to creating a better planet and following a set of principles to try to improve everything they do. From the beginning, they have tried to offer innovative solutions, such as offering products without retail packaging, in an effort to reduce their footprint. The folks at EcoJarz truly believe that you can do good work while treating the planet well.
ECOlunchbox specializes in plastic-free food containers designed to help people reduce their dependence on plastics for health and environmental reasons. They are a woman-owned, mission-based family business based in California, USA.
Since 1969, Foothills Creamery have been using old fashioned barrel churned techniques which put quality above all else. Locally sourced, proudly Canadian products.
The Gathering Place Trading Company is a family-owned business on Cortes Island, BC that prides itself on doing things differently. They know all their farmers by name and still ship by sea freight. Their products are fresh, organic, sustainable and fairly traded.
All of Gentle Earth's natural products are synthetic fragrance-free! They are dedicated to providing loved, affordable, natural and eco-friendly alternatives for you, your family and the world we all share.
Giddy Yoyo foods goes to great lengths to source foods nourished by mineral-rich soil & fresh water, and grown in healthy remote environments. And of course, they're delicious!
The husband and wife team at GlassSipper is committed to ridding the world of plastic straws and replacing them with our reusable, toxin-free, environmentally friendly and fun glass drinking straws.
Golden Ears Cheesecrafters make small batch, grass-fed artisan cheese here in BC.
Guppyfriend is a scientifically approved solution against microplastic pollution caused by washing synthetic garments. Pop your synthetic clothing into your Guppyfriend bag, wash, and dispose microfibers to keep them out of our oceans & waterways.
Hives for Humanity is a nonprofit society that creates opportunities for connection to community, through nature, bees and the culture of the hive. They foster self-worth and community pride through skills sharing and experiential learning, working with socially and economically vulnerable populations facing barriers to stability.
Home Grown Living Foods believes in the power of food as medicine and offers the most bioavailable, plant-based, low carbohydrate snacks with no refined sugar or preservatives. 100% farm-to-shelf whole food nourishment from their home to yours.
Craft kombucha brewed in Vancouver, BC. Our passion is to produce a high quality, outrageously delicious kombucha that you can feel good about loving.
Established in 1976, Horizon Grocery + Wellness is Western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural foods, natural personal care items and nutritional health supplements.
Jiva Organics is one of the largest organic and natural food distributors based in Burnaby, BC. They work hard to source the freshest products from reliable local farmers.
Juniperseed Mercantile is a Colorado-based small business with a passion for great skincare, simple living, and the earth that sustains us. They make all-natural bath and body products, home cleaning solutions, natural parenting essentials, and fabric UnPaper alternatives to your everyday disposables. For the folks and Juniperseed, it’s all about Down To Earth Decadence!
At Klippers Organics, they believe that sustainable, healthy, and delicious food is essential. They are a Certified Organic farm located right in the heart of the Okanagan in British Columbia's beautiful Similkameen Valley.
The world's first plastic-free hair elastics. Ethically-made using premium organic cotton and natural tree rubber, these biodegradable hair bands offer a strong all-day hold while remaining gentle on your hair.
The Kula Cloth™ was designed for anybody who squats when they pee (or uses a pee-funnel)! Many people carry toilet paper into the wilderness and scatter it - believing that it will simply 'disappear'. By using a Kula Cloth™, you are reducing the amount of toilet paper that you have to carry into the wilderness!
Since 1992, L’Ancêtre Cheese Factory has proudly displayed the Québec Vrai and Biologique Canada/Canada Organic certification labels, guaranteeing that our Canadian butters and cheeses are all organic. These products, which are free of chemical residues, promote your well-being as well as that of farm workers, animals and the environment.
Maison Orphee makes cold-pressed organic oils and condiments with home made recipes using apple cider vinegar as a natural preservative.
Left Coast Naturals is a local organic and natural food manufacturer based in Burnaby, BC. They have a formal Non-GMO policy and are committed to serving the planet, the community and customers. They believe that food made right can make a difference.
Lita’s began with a desire to create delicious and natural North Mexican style flour tortillas, without the use of preservatives or dough conditioners. They found incredible success with out fresh uncooked flour tortillas, and continue to grow and recreate traditional family recipes into healthy, organic, and vegan foods that can be trusted for their superior quality and authenticity.
Live for Tomorrow helps others to lead a life with a light footprint, and thus ‘make a difference’. A clean and safe home makes one feel good… giving back and helping to save the environment makes one feel even better. Use Live for Tomorrow products and change how you experience clean. Clean with a purpose.
Lotus Foods is trying to change how rice is grown around the world. They believe that by pursuing smart product innovation, better growing practices, and delicious whole grain heirloom rice varieties, they can lessen their environmental impact, improve nutrition for consumers and create more social and economic justice for small farmers.
We exist to empower people for a better future. Every MiiR product helps fund trackable giving projects & is designed in-house with an emphasis on four design elements: Minimal / Sustainable / Functional / Enduring.
Mitoku has been the leading exporter of high quality traditional Japanese natural and organic foods for more than 30 years. They believe that food is medicine and rice is the perfect food for mankind.
Hey, it's us! Nada is a women-owned & Certified B Corp package-free grocery store in Vancouver, BC.
Our zero waste cafe wouldn't exist without Chantal, our resourceful head chef. Chantal gives surplus food a second chance through our harvest smoothies, soups, and salads, while also developing a line of package-free products available to our community.
The folks at Naked Coconuts are passionate about creating healthy foods made from ethically-sourced ingredients that are deliciously nutritious and soy-free. They make food that’s good for you and good for the planet too.
Nature Derived is a company committed to creating products with organic, clean, and pronounceable ingredients. All products are handcrafted in small batches with care in Port Moody, BC.
Nature's Path is an independent, family-owned company from Richmond, BC with a higher purpose - "always leave the world better than we found it". They believe that organic food and farming is the best way to care for our bodies and our planet, and they use their voice to stand by what is right.
The Nellie’s brand was inspired by – you guessed it – Nellie! That’s right – she was a real person with real values, who believed in honesty and simplicity and was going ‘green’ LONG before the color was cool. It was these beliefs that inspired out company’s founder, James Roberts (and Nellie’s actual son) to build an entire company honoring his late mother.
After being frustrated with not being able to find a single effective "natural" toothpaste, the owners created Nelson Naturals in 2012. After selling at the local market, it quickly became clear they were onto something great. Years have passed and their now famous jars of toothpaste are available across Canada and the USA.
New World Organics began making yummy vegetarian foods in a small bakery in Vancouver over 30 years ago. Back when "organic" and "natural" were not the norm, they were already committed to fueling our community with real food. Today, they still make their foods locally with love in small batches.
Nina's Pierogi is a local family-run company whose priority is quality and making a meal you cannot resist. Providing the choice of gluten-free (made in a certified facility), vegan and regular pierogies, Nina’s Pierogi is always looking for new delightful and innovative flavours. All their products contain no preservatives, stabalizers or GMOs.
No Tox Life was born from the desire to provide natural, toxin-free vegan home and body care to help you live a cleaner, greener lifestyle. We are a local, family-run business and each product is handmade using the highest-quality ingredients we can find.
Hand pressed dairy-free Nut Mylks made with raw, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients. Nutmeg Mylks are handmade in small batches with extra love poured into every bottle.
Okanagan Rawsome is a proud farm-to-fork, mother-daughter business located in Grindrod, BC! They're committed to supporting the economy of our surrounding communities through sourcing/gleaning all our produce from local, organic farms.
Oneka’s all natural personal care products were created out of a respect for our water sources and the many organisms that help clean and purify it along its way. Rather than causing damage or polluting; Oneka products work WITH the elements of nature. They do this by using certified organic and wild harvested herbal extracts to nourish the hair and body without the use of sulphates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.
Onyx believes that everyone should be able to buy safe and environmentally responsible products without breaking the bank. They spent a great deal of time researching plastic alternatives to make sure the products that they carry are of the highest quality, manufactured in responsible conditions, and fairly priced.
Organic Matters aims to source the highest quality ingredients and offer them at affordable prices. They believe that eating organic whole foods should not be a privilege only few can afford.
Pamela was born to a family of bakers and embarked on a journey to make delicious and satisfying gluten-free baked goods which resulted in Pamela's products. Today they provide gluten-free baking mixes, snacks, cookies, and more.
The story of Parallel 49 is a story of a brewery that strives to create clever and innovative beers that are highly drinkable. It’s a story that continues to meander and morph to this day.
Plenty + Spare is an East Vancouver apothecary, and they've been bitten by the soap bug, HARD. They love to create everyday body care that’s simple, gentle, and a joy to use, to help us all feel good about what we put on out bodies every day.
Pocket Rags were invented by Jori, an ancient forest-loving kid, when he was 9 years old. Now a bit older & wiser, he is happily spreading his zero waste friendly product around stores in his home town of Victoria and at select distributers in the lower mainland.
At Prairie Harvest, they decided a long time ago to take their time to craft fine pasta the old-world way. Slow-dried, using only the best ingredients.
Pure Earth products start with simple ingredients that reflect the unique beauty of the land. They select the freshest seasonal produce, grown locally with the highest integrity, using practices that respect the earth, the water, and all of its inhabitants. Local BC, Organic, Biodynamic, Probiotic Full, Mineral Rich, Nutrient Dense, Deeply Nourishing, Super Delicious, Real Deal, Naturally Fermented!
Pure Earth products start with simple ingredients that reflect the unique beauty of the land. They select the freshest seasonal produce, grown locally with the highest integrity, using practices that respect the earth, the water, and all of its inhabitants. Local BC, Organic, Biodynamic, Probiotic Full, Mineral Rich, Nutrient Dense, Deeply Nourishing, Super Delicious, Real Deal, Naturally Fermented!
For over a century, generations of home bakers have trusted the high quality and consistent performance of Red Star® yeast products. Whatever you’re making – from breads and bagels to sweet rolls or pizza – their goal is your success.
Rehobooth are a small farm based in Chilliwack. They supply eggs and beef from their own pastures; natural and sustainable. They are organic, free-range and SPCA certified for customer assurance.
Roasters Hot Sauce is a family run, gourmet hot sauce company located in Vancouver, BC. Their sauces are handcrafted in small batches. They are all natural and perfect for the spicy food lover who doesn't want to compromise on flavour. That is why they start with only fresh hot peppers and produce, fire roast it all to perfection, and use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.
Salty Cabbage was founded to share and serve good kimchi in the community. The recipe is originally from MDG Korean restaurant on Denman street, which has been serving their patrons authentic Korean food for the last 20 years in downtown Vancouver.
San-J is dedicated to the manufacturing of premium tamari soy sauce and quality Asian-inspired products. They endeavor to produce excellence in their products and services.
Satya Organic Eczema Relief is here to soothe your eczema, and relieve dryness, itch and inflammation. More than a moisturizer, and without topical steroids, Satya provides a fragrance-free, natural anti-inflammatory for your stressed and irritated skin.
Naomi, owner of Say Hello Sweets, handcrafts her ice cream in small batches, with each flavour being deeply considered so it stands confidently on the menu. Expect balanced, creamy & rich flavours, skillfully crafted from a blend of coconut milk, house-made cashew milk, organic agave nectar & other all natural ingredients.
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Solfeggio was inspired by the owner's pursuit of excellence in sport. As a 2 time Olympian and World Champion in Freestyle Skiing, she now devotes her time to developing recipes that are designed to nourish and fuel our beings for wellness and performance. This is food that resonates with your body’s cells, it’s food without compromise.
The Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC) empowers local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through their interactive programs and activities. SPEC is a non-profit, charitable and volunteer-driven organization, founded in 1969. They are one of the oldest environmental non-profits in Canada.
In 1986, Spectrum Naturals brand was founded in Petaluma, CA to bring nutrition and quality into the vegetable oil market. Spectrum Naturals has always been committed to offering premium, wholesome alternatives to conventional products. This commitment stemmed from the brand’s use of organic, non-GMO ingredients and its chemical-free extraction of oils.
Spread'Em Kitchen Co. is on a mission to inspire healthier communities by providing real, nourishing, tasty food with a commitment to natural, whole-food ingredients, education and cultivating genuine relationships on every level.
Susgrainable produces sustainable, local baked goods, baking mixes, flour, and retail products made from upcycled barley flour.
Sweet'n'Sassy is a 100% vegan company born in 2018 with the idea of creating fine and tasty vegan treats, starting with macarons.
Tayybeh, the Arabic word for “kind” and “delicious,” is a food company and social enterprise that is taking Vancouver by storm! What started in October 2016 as a single pop-up dinner has turned into an amazing culinary journey! Now an award-winning catering company and food truck vendor, Tayybeh has become a flourishing experience for amazing Syrian women chefs that gives them a source of income and community connections.
Tempea produces small batch, fresh, unpasteurized tempeh here in Vancouver. Tempea want people to have access to good food – food that doesn't lack flavour or nutrition, food that supports the local community, and food that has a minimal impact on the environment.
Nada founder Brianne’s mom is the brains behind The Mill Factor, a small textile company committed to designing and producing zero-waste alternatives from upcycled materials.
HThe Modern Pantry is your new favourite neighbourhood bakery located in the Maplewood neighbourhood of North Vancouver. They believe good, real food is the jumping off point for all of life's adventures and connections.
The Workshop promise to you: quality! We source only the best ingredients- locally grown & organic where possible. We support sustainable farming methods, fair trade & eco-friendly policies. This is for our environment - simply to celebrate taste & sense of place. Our greatest emphasis is to capture the true flavour of each season.
Three Bluebirds fabulous sponge-like dishcloths are an eco-friendly alternative to sponges and paper towels. Made from sustainably harvested wood cellulose & organic cotton in Connecticut, MA.
Tinkayada is the result of endless research and experimentation – thanks to the unique manufacturing techniques and their commitment to excellence, they have created a superior gluten-free pasta that everyone can enjoy.
TMRW Foods is a socially conscious, plant-based meat company proudly cultivated in Vancouver BC. It was created out of care for the environment, animal welfare and human health. Their belief is that food is so much more than the macro- and micronutrients it’s made of.
To Die For Fine Foods is the other half of CTV broadcaster Erin Ireland’s career. What began years ago in her home kitchen is now a flourishing artisan baking company specializing in gourmet banana bread and lemon loaf.
Sustainability is at the heart of Tradin Organic's business. They believe in the benefits of organic farming & believe it's their purpose to bring sustainable and organic ingredients to the market.
Tree Island are making grass-fed, artisan yogurt at their production plant in the Comox Valley. They use 100% fresh whole BC milk, carefully select the best ingredients and handcraft their yogurt in small batches using a traditional, slow-kettle cooking method.
Two Rivers Meats bring meat from farms to tables in a way that lets you understand and appreciate the food you eat. Their work is guided by three key values: quality meat products, respect for the animals and people they work with, and excellence every step of the way—from how they choose their partners to the cuts on your plate.
ULAT dryer balls can't take the chore of laundry away, but they can assist in making the process a little less tedious, decrease energy costs for the consumer, provide a completely hypoallergenic solution, and support local resources. This is one task that can be on your own terms and everyone can feel good about it.
Uline, a family-owned business, is the leading distributor of shipping, industrial and packaging materials to businesses throughout North America.
UNFI is a premier grocery leader and distributor of wholesale bulk foods. They believe that everyone deserves access to healthy sustainable food.
Westpoint Naturals is a family tradition since 1994. It’s their passion to find the best in whole, natural, and organic foods. They source the freshest ingredients from around the world and then sort, sift, and pack them — all by hand. They do everything to offer you the very best.
Based in Sugar Land, Texas, Wholesome Sweeteners is a young company with generations of experience and expertise behind it. The company is the nation’s leader in fair trade, organic and Non-GMO sugars, molasses, syrups, stevia and honeys and actually pioneered the certification process for Fair Trade Certified sugar, agave and honey.
"Winecrush is focused on incorporating wine making derivatives into nutritious, delicious natural food. Based in Penticton BC, this company is passionate about upcycling - and we love that!"
More than just dairy-free yogurt. Yoggu is designed to nourish your gut and overall well being while pleasing your taste buds. The highest quality ingredients are packed into every jar. Locally made in Vancouver.
Zimt's mission is to provide you with incredibly tasty, incredibly healthy, incredibly happy chocolate – ethical at all stages, and a good-for-you indulgence.