Mizuna Mustard Seeds

BC Eco Seed Co-Op


Japanese mustard with a fresh and peppery flavour, commonly used in salad mixes. Plants are vigorous, fast growing, and tolerant of cool and shady conditions making for a reliable early-spring and late-fall green. Plant every few weeks from spring to fall for continuous harvests.Harvest the whole plant down to one inch and it will regrow, or pick individual leaves. Milder than arugula, mizuna offers a nice zesty addition to salads, sandwiches, soups and stir-fries. Can be used as a cooked green when bigger, and the yellow flowers make a nice addition to salads. From Glorious Organics.

The BC Eco Seed Co-op is a producer's cooperative of 17 farmers providing BC grown, certified organic and ecological seeds grown on out farms across British Columbia. All seeds are open-pollinated, GE-free and regionally selected. Because local food starts with local seed.
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Country of Origin: Canada