Jam Session Vegan Ice Cream

Say Hello Sweets


Jam Session is bursting in flavour with juicy strawberries and buttery coconut. It is a delight alongside warm, baked desserts. Or, get really creative and build a parfait by layering generous scoops, granola and fresh fruit. This product comes in a 100% returnable & refundable $1 deposit container & the total will be added to your final invoice.

Naomi handcrafts her ice cream in small batches, with each flavour being deeply considered so it stands confidently on the menu. Expect balanced, creamy & rich flavours, skillfully crafted from a blend of coconut milk, in house made cashew milk, organic agave nectar & other all-natural ingredients.
Coconut Milk (Coconut Extract, Water), Organic Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Organic Agave Syrup, Coconut OIl, Cacao Butter, Sea Salt, Lemon Zest, Guar Gum
Contains / Note: Coconuts
Country of Origin: Canada