Antarctic Pure Sea Salt with BC Kelp (300g)

Gathering Place Trading Company

While most of the world’s salt is mined from non-renewable sources, our sea salt originates from Antarctic Ocean water which flows through layers of shells into a deep aquifer. This natural process purifies the water, increases the abundance of minerals while removing micro-plastics and other contaminants. This pristine brine is sun and wind-dried and the crystals are hand-harvested by our South African fair trade partners, never machine cut or ground. Unrefined and free from additives or preservatives, our sustainable salt is the purest in the world.  Hand harvested and sustainably wildcrafted BC Kelp adds both flavour and further trace minerals and iodine naturally to this unique blend.
The Gathering Place Trading Company is a family-owned business on Cortes Island, BC that prides itself on doing things differently. They know all their farmers by name and still ship by sea freight. Their products are fresh, organic, sustainable and fairly traded.
Sea Salt
Country of Origin: Antarctica


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