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We are sad to announce that Wednesday, May 31st was Nada’s last day of operations. We want to thank you - our customers, community partners, suppliers, and team for helping realise Nada’s vision. Together, we’ve diverted over 1.5 million pieces of packaging from landfills, hosted countless community events, and helped over 10,000 customers embrace sustainable shopping habits, creating a ripple effect of sustainable actions well beyond our shopping baskets. Our entire team remains committed to the values that have defined us, and we encourage you to continue making sustainable choices in your everyday life. The good news is that you can continue your zero waste journey on your own! Please consider supporting our fantastic local vendors and purchasing directly from your favourite local makers, growers, and small businesses, if you can. What to do with jars? The mason jar was picked for its usefulness beyond packaging. Please try and keep them out of the recycling if possible! Use them as you wish; here are some ideas: Use them for canning and jams Fill them with nice items to gift on special occasions Use them as vases or household cups Sell them on Facebook Marketplac or give them away in your local Buy Nothing Group Offer them to your favourite vendor the next time you’re at the Farmer’s Market What to do with bins & freezer packs? Please feel free to keep them if you have good use for them. Freezer packs and bags work great as mini coolers for picnics, travels, and even to keep your pets cool this summer. If you don’t have a need for them, please try and donate them to a local food focussed non-profit. One option for donation is our old warehouse roomies! Sharewares Reusables https://www.sharewares.ca/ Location: 69 West 3rd Avenue Vancouver (front entrance, not our old alleyway entrance) Sharewares is another circular business that keeps single use cups and containers out landfills, recycling centers, and littering the environment!

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