The 5R’s framework is used in every decision that we make. What if we all asked ourselves, “what would nature do?”

Nada is on track to becoming Climate Neutral, which means we're hard at work reducing the carbon footprint of our entire supply chain. From farm to fork and everything in between, we measure the impact of our sourcing, packaging, and transportation, working closely with like-minded suppliers to come up with creative ways to bring the goods to your table. Our goal is to reduce our impact and support a more sustainable food future across the board, and we love partnering with brands that share the same vision. Last but not least, we offset any emissions that remain with carbon credits through third party organizations.



Since our very first pop-up shop way back in 2015, Nada's been a proud member of 1% for the Planet. Whether we're profitable or not, we recognize our responsibility to protect the planet, and give 1% of top-line sales back to the environment. Recognized as 1% for the Planet’s Global Business Member Changemaker of the Year, we've donated more than $25,000 to grassroots environmental organizations tackling issues of food security, food education, waste management and marine conservation. Our team works closely with fellow business and non-profit partners to give back, volunteer, and donate. There’s still so much work to be done!

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Nada is a proud Certified B-Corporation, which means that our company’s overall environmental and social performance is measured and independently verified by a third-party, B Lab. Our most recent B Corp score totalled at 109.1, which is a big jump up from our score of 93.3, just three years ago. This improvement is a reflection of all of the hard work and new process improvements we have put into place over the last three years, particularly in 2020, with changes that the pandemic brought along with it.

With so many certifications out there, we know it can be overwhelming and in many cases, it is a privilege to be able to support B Corporations. We hope that you can feel inspired to support businesses that have social and environmental causes at the forefront of their mission.

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The Carbon Footprint of a Package-Free Grocery Store

In 2020, a fabulous group of students in the Bren School of Environmental Science & Management at UC Santa Barbara conducted a research study on our circular model. The goal for this study was to quantify the carbon footprint of a package-free grocery store and identify additional opportunities for emission reductions. Read the full report to find out how our waste reduction initiatives have contributed to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the new packaging practices and areas of our supply chain that can be improved to reduce our overall carbon footprint.

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