Can I come into the store just to pick up a couple items?

Our store is now open for in-store shopping and Nada Express Pick-up.

If you prefer Express Pick-up, we recommend you place an online order at or phone ahead to place your order so it can be prepared by our staff and ready by the time you arrive. We can’t wait to say a socially distanced hello!

What are your hours?

Our current hours are Monday to Sunday 12pm - 7pm for in-store shopping and Nada Express Pick-up.

If you placed an order online for Nada Express Pick-up, you will receive an email confirmation telling you “Your Order is Ready”. Please wait until you receive an email confirmation before coming to pick it up at the store between 12pm - 7pm. Call us at 778-806-3783 to reach us in-store.

How does your in-store tare system work?

Yes! Please continue to drop by and donate your used (washed and clean!) containers and support our zero waste initiative.

To use our in-store tare system for your containers you can follow the steps below:

  • 1. Press “tare” on the scale (the bottom right button)
  • 2. Place container/ bag on scale
  • 3. Write weight of container/ bag directly on the container itself or on piece of tape
  • 4. Repeat steps 1-2 for container/ bag you brought
  • 5. Fill with food!

For assistance don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team!

Are you still accepting used containers?

Yes! Please continue to drop by between 12pm - 2pm daily and donate your used (washed and clean!) containers and support our zero waste initiative.

We know that containers come in many different sizes and shapes so we’ve put together a guideline for what is currently received:

  • • Containers should be pre-washed and free of leftover food.
  • • Only wide-mouth containers will be accepted - no bottles, pumps, or spouts.
  • • We only accept heavy-duty plastics (sorry, no compostables) that can withstand our commercial sanitizer - think yogurt pails, hummus containers, dips, etc.
  • • Please ensure that each donated container has a lid!

We are currently accepting freezer packs for Home Delivery but please note we are unable to accept egg cartons, long neck containers and cardboard boxes from Home Delivery as they cannot be properly sanitized.

We’ve had so much support with the re-introduction of our donated container program and would like to thank you all for your donations thus far. We appreciate your participation and guideline considerations so we can continue to reduce waste and keep everyone safe!

How do I return containers and deposit jars?

You can return containers at the store anytime between 12pm - 7pm Monday to Sunday, or leave them outside your door on your next scheduled home delivery so our partners can pick them up! Keep in mind we do not take egg cartons at this time and we only accept containers that are clean with matching lids.

For deposit jars, email us at or put it in your order notes and let us know what kind of jars and how many you’re returning. Please allow 48 hours for these return refunds to be processed.

If you have any other questions that weren’t answered here please feel free to reach out to us at!

How will deposit charges and returns work with online payments?

Our deposit system for bottles and jars will continue to function as normal. You can continue to bring in your deposit jars for a complete full cash refund or have the amount deducted from your next purchase.

Deposit fees are always completely refundable and deposits may be returned between our opening hours of 12pm – 7pm. We recommend returning deposits when picking up your next order!

How do I change an online order that I already submitted?

If you need to add another item to an order that has already been submitted, you must place a completely new order. Alternatively, you can call our store and a member of our staff can help you add to or cancel your order.

We are currently in the process of creating a more streamlined re-ordering system. We really appreciate your patience with us during this process. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on new updates to our e-commerce system!

How is Nada maintaining best practices for sanitation during Covid-19?

All Nada team members continue to wear our masks, but you can be sure to know that we are smiling underneath! In return, we ask that all customers shopping in-store or picking up orders wear their mask too. We offer Nada Express Pick-up and carbon neutral home delivery for online orders and have implemented additional and extensive cleaning procedures to ensure our space is as clean as possible before serving you.

We ask that all customers use hand sanitizer upon entering and we’ve implemented a occupancy limit for in-store shopping

Is the cafe still selling pre-made meals?

For the time being, we’ve suspended most of our cafe offerings, such as pre-made meals. With that being said, you can still purchase select cafe items for take-out, such as our baked goods, and raw treats, as well as purchase or order Nada’s Own house-made products online or in-store. Additionally, drop by to grab our soup-in-a-jar or brownie-in-a-jar to enjoy some Nada at home!

Can you clarify why I am receiving multiple emails for my online order now you’ve switched to online payments?

If you’ve suddenly received more emails than usual… It is because we have updated our Order Fulfillment process and want to be as transparent as possible. When you place an online order you will receive the following:

  • Order Confirmation - Confirming your order has been received by our fulfillment team
  • Order Changes Update - If you have requested any changes after your order has been placed or an item you’ve ordered is currently out of stock you will be notified of these changes.
  • Order Fulfillment - When your order has been fulfilled you will receive an email indicating it is ready to pick up at our store location at 675 E Broadway between 12PM - 7PM.
  • Order Increase - If you have requested additional items to be added to your order you will receive an email asking for confirmation of the additional items and funds associated.
  • Gift Card - If you purchase a gift card online you will receive an email with your gift card code that can then be applied onto an online order.
How does Nada’s home delivery system work?

Place an order through our website like usual, then select the local delivery option. Choose a delivery day that works for you.

We currently offer deliveries on both Thursdays and Sundays. Cutoff time is 3 PM the day before.

We pack your orders in upcycled boxes and packaging, and use donated ice packs to keep your items cool and fresh.

Our partner, Shift Delivery, plans the delivery route, picks up your order from us, and delivers to you on electronic bikes. It’s carbon neutral! Learn more about Shift here.

What is the Current Delivery Range? You don’t deliver to my area, when/will you be expanding?

We currently deliver to Downtown, False Creek, Fraserhood, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, Olympic Village, South Granville, and the West End neighbourhoods. We are working on expanding to more communities soon!

How much does delivery cost?

We offer FREE delivery on all online orders over $50.00! Orders under $50.00 cost $10.00.

When will my delivery arrive? What if I’m not home at that time?

Our current delivery windows are Thursdays 6-9pm and Sundays 1-4pm. Be sure to put your order in by 3pm the day before your intended delivery date to be included.

Please leave delivery instructions in the checkout notes. For example, buzzer numbers or updated phone numbers necessary for delivery success.

The protocol for Shift is to drop off the order even if you’re not home. If you foresee not being home during the delivery window, please let us know as soon as you can.

How do I return containers and deposit jars through delivery?

You can return deposit containers at the store any day between 12-7 PM or leave them outside your door on your next scheduled delivery so Shift can pick them up!

Keep in mind we do not take egg cartons at this time and we only accept containers that are clean with matching lids.


We’re always on the lookout for new team members to join our team. Visit our hiring page for the latest job openings and general employment inquiries.

How does Nada give back?

Nada is a 1% for the Planet member which means 1% of revenue is donated to community partners per quarter. We are also a certified B-corporation and chose to work with carbon or climate neutral companies whenever possible. Our team also looks to source products from brands who are Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, Living Wage Employers, etc., but also make room for small suppliers who may be unable to obtain certification for whatever reason, but are growing or making responsibly and sustainably.