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Nada announces new location: Why we love our space!

It’s happened! After several months of negotiation, we are finally able to announce that we have found, secured, and signed the lease on our dream location for Nada’s permanent storefront!

Update your address books. Plan your bike route. Shout it from the rooftops.
Nada has a permanent home at 675 East Broadway, northwest corner of Fraser and Broadway!

We are so in love with this space, and hope you will be too. Read along to find out WHY we love this space so much and WHAT you need to know right now and for the months up ahead.


Nada is more than just a grocery store. We believe in doing business better. We believe in making conscientious decisions in all aspects of our operations to support the health of both people and planet. Choosing a permanent location was no different, and we had quite the list of criteria for our space. We are confident this building and this location will help us serve our mission to cultivate a better world by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries. Here’s some of the reasons why:

The Building

+ LEED Gold Certification: This building is so amazing for its social and environmental purpose. On the environmental side, it has LEED Gold Certification, the highest green-building certification. As a result of geothermal heating, energy efficient insulation, and heat recovery ventilation, our building comes with an anticipated 60% energy savings as compared to traditional buildings. It also has a mandate to achieve a maximum 10% end use energy from fossil fuels! Future developments include the addition of bee colonies to its rooftop urban agriculture space. To find out more about this award-winning design, check out this profile by Sustainable Architecture and Building Magazine or listen to a Green Building Audio Tour of the space!

+ Social Housing & Aboriginal Perspective: Named “Kwayatsut” (seeking one’s power) by Chief Ian Campbell from the Squamish Nation, the building includes a supportive housing partnership between the Broadway Youth Resource Centre, the Vancouver Native Housing Society (VNHS), the City of Vancouver, and BC Housing. It provides housing to low-income individuals with designated beds for Aboriginal youth, LGBTQ+ youth, and youth leaving foster care. This is a truly wonderful initiative, and you can find out so much more about Kwayatsut from its profile on VNHS!

+ Values-Aligned Landlord: Our landlord is the City of Vancouver, which comes with a lot of amazing benefits. Most importantly it allows us to work with the city towards the Greenest City Action Plan goals, Zero Waste Strategy, and Vancouver Food Strategy.

The Neighbourhood

+ Local Accessibility: We know our customers come from all over Vancouver, and finding a location that makes a package-free option available to all Vancouverites is so important to us. Our storefront is located at a major intersection (Fraser & Broadway) in the central neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant. We love the area around this intersection. It is a rich and vibrant community full of wonderful people, small businesses, parks, cycling paths, and neighbourhood houses. We can’t wait to discover more!

+ Transit Accessibility: This location was also chosen because it is highly accessible by transit. The 8, 9, and 99 B-line busses all stop directly in front of our store. It is 5 blocks west of the Clark-VCC Skytrain station, and two B-line stops East of the Broadway-City Hall Canada Line. This allows our current customers from all around Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, New Westminster, and Richmond to all access our store. And for our customers who don’t use transit, this location has a walk score of 91/100 and a bike score of 95/100. Sustainable transport for the win! Stay tuned for the perks associated with using a sustainable method of transport to get to our store!

Complimentary Businesses: Community is at the heart of what we do, and this area not only has an amazing residential community, but a network of likeminded and supportive businesses. There are several values-aligned businesses all within a few blocks, including Matchstick Coffee and the Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market. There are currently no grocery stores with a focus on local and organic goods between Commercial Drive and Main Street, and we will fill this much-needed space.


We’ve signed and secured the lease – now what?

+ Permitting and Renovations: Our building & renovation permits are submitted and we’re waiting on the City of Vancouver to work its magic before we can begin construction. We’re really excited for the next stage, and have partnered with some fantastic people to make this store a reality. As in all things, we are focusing on working with values-aligned contractors and suppliers, including Cause+Affect, Naturally Crafted, and ZAS Architects + Interiors. Stay tuned for our opening date & launch party!

+ Crowdfunding: To help us complete our renovations, and to make sure that our buildout is done in the way that best considers the health of people and planet, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign in November. As that date approaches, we’ll be reaching out for your support in spreading the word and supporting the campaign in any way that you can.

+ Pop-ups: Don’t think that just because we have a fancy new lease we’re forgetting about our pop-up shops, because we sure as heck aren’t! We will be continuing our monthly pop-ups at Patagonia Vancouver, and also have a few more pop-up locations to announce! Our next events are:

August 25th // 10:00am-6:00pm // Patagonia Vancouver (1994 W 4th Avenue)
Nada Pop-Up X Patagonia Vancouver: We’re back at the #TempleOfStoke for our monthly visit! Check us out for our full line of products (and shoot some love to the Patagonia Vancouver team for always being such amazing hosts). 

August 27th // 10:00am-2:00pm // Dude Chilling Park (2390 Brunswick St.)
Nada Pop-Up X Mount Pleasant Farmers’ Market: Y’all know how much we love Farmers’ Markets, and we are so stoked to be able to sell there, especially because it’s only two blocks from our new digs! We’ll have a small selection of our most popular dry goods, our entire range of home & body products, and plenty of reusable alternatives to single-use plastics.

Thank you always for your continued support for Nada. If you have any questions about this announcement (or just want to say hello), give us a shout at hello@nadagrocery.com.


The Nada Team



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