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Bring your own containers, fill up with fresh goods, and pay by weight – it’s simple, right? Not so fast – the most common question we get from folks new to package-free shopping is how to account for the weight of their containers. Most bulk stores and zero waste shops require you to weigh your containers in advance, write down the weight, and bring it to the cashier so that they can deduct the weight … but we think it can be whole lot simpler. 

The Solution: Tap-Fill-Pay Refill System


Bring clean containers from home! Pack a few extra bags or jars in case you see something you love!


Place a smart sticker on your container, tap it, & weigh it. Make sure the container is empty, & weighed with the lid on!


We’ve got a big selection of local, organic, and responsibly sourced goodies for you to stock those containers with!


Tap the smart sticker again to automatically deduct the weight of your containers so you’re not paying for those precious grams.


Bravo! You’ve just bought only what you need while supporting your local food system and diverting a lot of waste along the way.


Regular customer? Once you’ve put a sticker on the jar, you can skip the ‘Tap & Weigh’ step on future visits – this dishwasher-safe tag will always remember the weight of your empty container. This saves you time, and makes package-free shopping more convenient for everyone .

If you’re shopping with cloth bags, or don’t want to put the sticker on your jar or bag, no worries! You can use a temporary tag (which we’ll reuse again and again), or continue to write down the tare weight yourself, old-school style. 

Container Requirements

What containers can you bring to Nada? Anything! As long as it’s clean, empty, and free from cracks, chips or tears. The best containers are often the ones you already have – pasta sauce jars, growlers, yoghurt containers, yes even that tupperware set you have stored away from your great-aunt. Don’t have enough containers? Nada problem! We have a large selection of cloth bags, stainless steel containers, and glass jars to help you out.

As we’re working in a food environment, it’s important that your jars are clean and that you follow food safe filling procedures. This allows us to continue providing package-free foods! To help you out, we’ve developed the following sets of protocols to make package-free shopping enjoyable for everyone.

#BYOC – Our Reusable Container Policy
(Re)filling your containers at Nada



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