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Goodbye Zero Waste Market … Introducing, Nada!

We’re excited to announce that as of today, Zero Waste Market is transitioning to Nada! This evolution is a result of some hard work in the past few months, and we’re so happy to finally share it with you!

We’ll be on social media and email all day today to field any questions, but right off the bat, we’ll start with answering some of the biggies:

+ Why are we making this change?

+ What is Nada?

+ What do you need to know right now?

+ What are our plans going forward?

Why are we making this change?

Zero Waste Market was the first zero waste grocery initiative in Canada, incorporated in the Spring of 2015. Over these past two years, we have been hosting pop-up shops at Patagonia’s Vancouver store and at various community events throughout the city. We have brought you package-free foods, zero waste starter items, and imperfect local & organic produce in an effort to support and strengthen our local food system. But most importantly, we have witnessed an incredible community of folks come together to support us along every step of the way. We are so appreciative all of the attendance at our events, promotion on social media, and sharing our mission via word of mouth. We seem to have filled a gap in the city that we had only hoped existed and we are so excited to see the zero waste movement grow!

But when we started Zero Waste Market in 2015, we always envisioned the name as a placeholder. Today, we’re saying goodbye to Zero Waste Market, and hello to Nada.

Here’s Why

+ Zero Waste Market has grown to so much more than a market; it’s a community. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with our food and understand how easy it is to be package-free and to be inspired by so many unexpected raw ingredients & materials. It’s a movement to encourage all of us to look at the food system differently and to ask questions about how we can be activists for change.

+ It’s an opportunity to go beyond a food market, to give our customers an idea of the tremendous wealth of what is available locally, not just in terms of produce, but also grains, home care items, toiletries, and long-lasting alternatives to single use disposables.  

+ We will be announcing our permanent location in the next few weeks, and with a new store, we want to have a fresh new image and that represents the creativity behind our business.

What we are not doing, is changing our core reason for being, our core values, and our core commitment to a just food system and a lighter world free of excess. In fact, it is exactly our commitment to these values that drives us to make this move.

What is Nada?

At Nada, we’re just food. No packaging. No confusing labels. No ingredients you can’t pronounce. We’re working hard for a just food system – one that supports a thriving local economy and connects people to their food.

Our vision is an unpackaged future: a lighter world that values a food system free of excess and waste to support the health of both people and planet . We’re on a mission is to cultivate a better world by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries.

Nada is 100% committed to our suppliers. We want to know where our food comes from and hope you do too! We know almost all of our suppliers personally, where our products come from, who grew or produced them, and how they got to us. Some of the criteria that we look at when sourcing include ensuring fair wages to growers and producers, responsible farming practices, and the overall environmental and carbon footprints of the product.

Nada is 100% committed to community. For every purchase you make, 1% of proceeds are donated to grassroots non-profit organizations that are supporting a sustainable food system and standing up for our coast. We are already supporting over 50 community partners and small businesses!

Nada is 100% committed to the zero waste movement. To us, this means reducing the waste of our entire operations to as close to zero as possible – including paperless receipts, reusable supplier packaging, and donating all surplus food.

Nada is 100% committed to you! Our goal is to empower our customers to decrease food waste and unnecessary packaging. We’re working hard make your zero waste shopping easier and your food experience more enjoyable with quality products, thoughtful service & honest pricing.

Nada is 100% just food.

What do you need to know right now?

Our social accounts, email addresses, and other important resources are in transition – some of the accounts you know and love will look a little different from now on. Here are the important ones:

+ Website: we’ve moved to nadagrocery.com with all sorts of new content (and more on the way!), a blog, and updated ways to get in touch.

+ Email: we’ve moved our accounts to the new domain – say hello at hello@nadagrocery.com

+ Social media: you can now find us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram @nadagrocery

What are our plans going forward?

Most importantly, the changing face of Zero Waste Market is not the only change up ahead. We’ve been working hard to secure a lease and make Nada an everyday reality. We will be announcing the location of our permanent store in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that address!

In the meantime, we’re continuing all of our regular operations and are looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Our next events are:

+ June 18th: THIS SUNDAY is Car Free Day Main Street, and we’ll be set up with other like-minded businesses including SPEC (Society Promoting Environmental Conservation) and The Soap Dispensary. We’ll be set up on the east side of Main St. at E 21st Ave. We’re excited to have our first pop-up with our new branding, and can’t wait to talk with you all then!

+ June 30th: we’ll be having our monthly pop-up shop at the Patagonia Vancouver store (1994 West 4th Ave.).

+ July 8th: We’ll also be at the Khatsahlano! Music + Art Festival, stationed in front of Patagonia.

+ More to come… stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter!

Naturally, with all of this change, there will be a couple of kinks to work out. We ask for your patience and also your help! If you discover any links that are broken or information that is missing, please let us know by messaging us on Facebook or by emailing hello@nadagrocery.com!

Last, we’d like to say a ginormous THANK YOU! We are continually amazed by our community of zero wasters making change in their own lives and giving us SO MUCH SUPPORT along the way.

Lots of love from the Nada team,

Brianne, Alison, Ali, Brianna & Michelle

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