Oxygen Brightener

Nellie's All-Natural


Utilize the power of oxygen to penetrate stains, keep your colours bright & whites white! Use 1 tablespoon per regular load of laundry or mix 1 tablespoon into 500 mL of water for general stain removal.

The Nellie’s brand was inspired by – you guessed it – Nellie! That’s right – she was a real person with real values, who believed in honesty and simplicity and was going ‘green’ LONG before the colour was cool. It was these beliefs that inspired our company’s founder, James Roberts (and Nellie’s actual son) to build an entire company honouring his late mother.
Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Sulfate, Primary Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate
Country of Origin: Canada

16 oz / 490 g

(+$2 large jar deposit)

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