Up-cycled Container Update

Up-cycled Container Update

October 7, 2022

In June of 2020 we launched our home delivery option and started to bring zero-waste groceries to doorsteps across the lower mainland using a combination of up-cycled containers, paper bags and deposit jars. We wanted to bring the in-store experience of Nada to your doorstep, by keeping the process as similar as possible.

After two years of learning, we are making a few changes to our delivery program. Our biggest takeaway is that the logistics of offering up-cycled containers in delivery orders is too expensive for us to sustain long-term. For delivery and pick-up only, we have updated our container system to a cheaper $2 glass jar deposit which can be returned for a refund. Up-cycled containers will not be offered for orders placed online starting today.

Here’s why:

Sorting and Space
Thanks to enthusiastic customer support, we get tons of containers donated! We love to see the effort and care that you have for diverting your containers from landfills and recycling centres, but this does come at a cost to us. Our team has spent countless hours sorting containers to decide if they are usable, finding their fitting lid, cleaning them and counting them. When we move to a standard $2 glass jar deposit, we won’t have to sort for delivery anymore!

Inventory and Standardization
Assorted empty up-cycled containers take up lots of space on our warehouse shelves, waiting to be filled on delivery day. Moving to a glass mason jar will allow us to pre-fill our containers with a standard volume of product, keep accurate inventory levels and pack orders more efficiently so we can deliver to even more people!

Food Safety Guidelines
Vancouver Coastal Health has recently updated their guidelines for what containers are considered acceptable for food safety and many of the donated containers we receive do not meet their standards. Switching to glass jars means our product will be kept fresh and comply with VCH standards every time :) 

Please note: This change from VCH also affects the types of up-cycled containers that we accept for donation in store. We can accept glass jars or plastic containers with a food safe symbol. Up-cycled containers can only be donated in-store (not in delivery bins). Shoppers who bring their own containers to the store are still welcome to use any container they wish. We still welcome and encourage you to shop in store with us using whatever containers you have on hand! 

About our new jars: We are using wide mouth canning jars with a two-part metal lid. We know this program works because our friends at Jarr have been operating this way for over 2 years. To keep things simple, all of our deposit jars will cost $2, no matter the size. Depending on the product volume, you can expect to receive an extra-small (100mL), small (250mL), medium (500mL) or large (1L) canning jar filled with product. Upon return, your $2 deposit will be refunded to you. 

More information:

How does the deposit system work?
You can return your deposit jars by leaving them out on your next delivery day. We will collect them and calculate your refund when we drop off your next order. You can also return your deposit jars for a complete full cash refund or if you are shopping in store, have the amount deducted from your next purchase.

Deposit fees are always completely refundable and deposits may be returned during store hours.

When will this change happen on the website?
This change is live on the site as of October 7th. Now the only container option for most products online will be a $2 jar deposit.

What should I do with my existing Nada up-cycled containers?
If you have received an up-cycled container from Nada in a previous order, you can recycle it.

What should I do with my old Nada deposit jars that are worth $3, $4 or $5?
Our old deposit containers will be accepted in delivery bins and in store until Nov 8th with the old price being honoured.

What is happening with your old deposit jars?
Pre-loved deposit jars will be available for sale at our website with a discount! Check back for updates and when they will be available.

If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to us at hello@nadagrocery.com.

We are still learning everyday about the best way to grow our business and bring package-free groceries to more people. This change is the next step in making our business more efficient so we can continue to thrive! Thanks so much for being a part of this journey with us!