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COVID-Friendly Team Day Treasure Hunt Template

COVID-Friendly Team Day Treasure Hunt Template

This August, our Nada team got together to spend the day bonding while exploring the city and supporting some of our favourite local businesses and organizations along the way. 

Looking for COVID-safe activity to bring your team together? Use this template from Nada’s 2021 Team Day to create your own personalized treasure or scavenger hunt for your team that supports local businesses, gives back, and supports your own community partners! 

You can make adjustments to any aspect of the template, such as treasure hunt locations, tasks, scavenger hunt points items, team size, and overall direction and purpose, to cater the experience to your own business and team. 

We hope this template can help you have a fun and successful Team Day that your team will be talking about for a long time! Happy hunting!


Team size: 1 team leader and 4 - 6 team members. Create teams that are diverse in work location, job title, seniority, as well as personality, etc. 


  • 12:45pm Meet for instruction, put teams together (team leaders and team members decided beforehand) 
  • 1:30pm Teams head out to their first location after figuring out the clue provided by each of their team leads. The treasure hunt should take about 3 hours. 
  • 4pm - 5pm Meet the rest of the team at the last location.

It is not a race, but could be depending on the team and purpose! We want to make sure the focus is more on fun and team-building than on competition. We also want to accommodate physical abilities and different anxieties these kinds of activities may create. 


Start Location: Nada Store

Clue to next location: Vancouver’s best vegan donuts!

Transportation: Nada to Cartems Main St. is a 12 min walk or a 6 min bus

Stop 1: Cartems Donuts - Main Street Location

Task once you get there: Get your team a treat!

Clue to next location: A cold summer treat with sincere conviction 

Possible hint: Have the team look up synonyms for sincere conviction.

Transportation: Cartems Main to Earnest Quebec St. is a 6 min walk. 

Stop 2: Earnest Ice Cream - Quebec Street location 

Task once you get there: Buy a kid or a dog an ice cream cone.

Clue to next location:  For when the power goes out, let’s go see how the other half lives. 

Possible hint: Prompt them to figure out what the “other half” (the Office team) means.

Transportation: Earnest (Quebec St) to The Generator is a 17 min walk or a 9 min bus.

Stop 3: The Generator - Nada’s Office

Task once you get there: one to two of the team (store team ideally) need to go up and find the Nada office and the clue for the next location will be written on the whiteboard. Give them the key card and a little bit of instruction, and make sure they wear masks and are really quick and quiet 

Clue to next location: Nada’s first coffee supplier 

Possible Hint: If they don’t know our first coffee supplier, have them go on the website and look at who our coffee suppliers are.

Transportation: The Generator to EVR is an 8 min walk or an 8 min bus

Stop 4: East Van Roasters - 319 Carrall Street

Task once you get there: Buy a coffee for a stranger

Clue to next location: Our current 1% for the Planet Partner

Transportation: EVR to VFM is a 22 min walk or a 16 min bus 

Stop 5: Vancouver Farmer’s Market - 750 Hornby Street

Important Note: The VFM doesn’t open until 2 pm so make sure that if somehow you are early, you can do some of the items on your list to get points. 

Task once you get there: Buy a meal, food or groceries for an unhoused person. 

Clue to next location: Where Sea Smart does their clean-ups! 

Possible hint: If they don’t know this, have them go to Sea Smart’s website - it’s not hard to find! 

Transportation: VFM to Kit’s Beach is a 37 min walk or a 14 min bus 

End Location: Kit’s Beach

You’re done! If your team arrives early this is a great opportunity to finish up any of the tasks on the list and don’t forget that it’s a point for every piece of garbage you pick up! 


Teams: You'll have a team of 5+ you, and be one of 5 teams. Try to get excitement and momentum up. One of the tasks or challenges is to create a team cheer or handshake - do that first to help your team bond!

Bring: Your phone! You'll need it to keep track of the clues, point system and your next location.

Transport: Walking is great, but make sure to grab some bus passes for anyone who does not have a compass card. I would recommend walking anything less than 15 min - that way we won't have any group too far behind or too far ahead.

Budget: You have the discretionary budget to buy all the things on the list: coffee (~5), a meal (~12), ice cream (~5), donuts (~20), etc. 

Additional challenges: There will be a ton of other optional scavenger hunt challenges that you can do throughout the day to get points - the team with the most points at the end of the day gets a prize! Make sure your team is documenting everything they can with pictures and anything that you can't take pictures of, make sure you are keeping track of points.

Running into other teams: You will probably run into other teams along the way - try to get some fun and friendly competition going by teaming up with them and doing one of the challenges together or seeing who can do it faster (etc)!

End location: Kit’s beach with a little set-up waiting for the teams there - tent, table(s), garland/decorations, games, paddle boards and kayaks, etc. 

Food: Catered by Tayybeh - individual boxes for convenience and to remain Covid-friendly. Make sure dietary restrictions and allergies of the team are accounted for! 


These tasks are to be completed throughout the day. None of the activities are mandatory. Send this out once teams are together and have created team names!


  • Create a team cheer or handshake 
  • open/hold the door for a stranger (use this up to 3 times)
  • Get a video of someone on the team quoting Neil Armstrong ("One small step for man...") as they step into a location of your choosing 
  • Get pictures of 3 different countries' flags (Bonus points for each additional flag)
  • Get a high-five from a stranger - Covid edition: Get an air-high-five 
  • Photo of someone on the team doing something 'common' that they've never done before 
  • Do your own version of a famous TikTok (use this up to 3 times) 
  • Take a group photo of everyone on the team recreating a different emoji 


  • Recreate a famous album cover (use this up to 2 times)
  • Get a photo of someone (not on the team) showing a picture that they keep in their wallet/on them.
  • Form a human pyramid with 3+ of your team (+10 points for each additional person, +50 points if you get a stranger to join) 
  • Fit the whole team into a small space & get a photo (Bonus points assigned based on how small of a space it is)
  • Find a playground and get a video of the team pretending to have way too much fun 
  • Recreate an awkward family photo 
  • Recreate a famous meme (use this up to 3 times)
  • Film a video trying to make someone on your team laugh (the longer they hold out the more points but the other teammates have to be trying - they have to be funny! +50 points if it's a stranger!)
  • Film a fake weather report - take it really seriously (Get a stranger to do it +100 pts) 
  • Film a fake news report - the funnier/more random the better (Use this up to 2 times but must be (a) different team member(s)) 
  • Do the mannequin challenge 
  • Film a team member talking really passionately for 60 seconds on a really silly topic (ex. Brushing your teeth or putting on socks) 


  • Teach a stranger a trendy dance move (ex flossing)
  • Get a stranger to do their best movies/tv character impression (ex: Gandalf, Garfield, Jim Carry, Nicholas Cage) (use this up to 3 times but must be a different stranger)
  • Play a (harmless) prank on your team leader. Catch them by surprise! 
  • Busk/ Sing a stranger a song


  • 50 points to the team with the best 'Dad joke' (decided by team leaders)
  • 50 points to the first team to the beach
  • 100 extra points to any team that completes every single item on the list
  • 1 point - Pick up a piece of garbage. You can get points up to 200

Don't forget to document everything with photo or video!


$50 gift card for each player on the winning team to a place of their choice: 

  • Nada (our store) 
  • East Van Roasters (one of our suppliers and one of the treasure hunt stops) 
  • Earnest ice cream (one of our suppliers and one of the treasure hunt stops) 
  • R.A.D cycles (one of our community partners) 
  • Bloomiér (a sustainable Vancouver florist) 

Happy hunting! We hope you enjoy this template created specially for our 2021 Nada Team Day as much as we did.

Are you passionate about the zero waste movement, food systems, or sustainability issues? We’re always looking for sustainability superstars to Join Our Team