Today is an exciting day because we get to welcome the Jarr team into the Nada family! We're proud and excited to share that Nada and Jarr are joining forces to expand package-free delivery services to more communities in BC, while continuing to create a food system together that puts people and planet first! 

Connected at the beginning of the pandemic over many (many!) jars and with the shared goal of making package-free grocery shopping more accessible, our teams have worked hard to show that a circular food system is possible. When we first started Nada, we had no idea how much we didn’t know, but what we do know now is how lucky we are to work with so many values-aligned customers, community partners, and suppliers to build a food system that is more inclusive, resilient, and transparent.


We couldn’t be happier to be driving more of this much needed change alongside Jarr co-founders, Emily and Claire, who we are excited to welcome to the team today as part of Nada’s acquisition of Jarr. This wonderful group of humans is going to continue to operate the Jarr business alongside Nada’s pick-up & delivery fulfillment teams so that we can leverage our joint expertise in all things package-free and to design what our package-free future will look like together. We know that by working together, we will be able to divert more food and packaging waste from our supply chain, support more local suppliers, and keep the oceans a little bit happier!

Nada and Jarr’s partnership will continue to support our joint mission of connecting people to a more just, equitable, and regenerative food system and will enable shoppers to have a more positive impact within their own communities by purchasing a wider variety of grocery products from diverse local growers and suppliers. To both Nada and Jarr’s valued customers, know that your online shopping experiences won’t change for now (we’ll keep you updated as best we can!)  and that we’re excited to bring you on this journey with us as we map out how to make package-free grocery shopping better for everyone. Cheers to what’s next, knowing that we’re better together!

Read our press release HERE!