Free delivery on orders over $50! Free delivery on orders over $50!

Jarr family: Welcome to Nada!

Jarr family: Welcome to Nada!

In July of 2022, Jarr joined forces with Nada and now Jarr has fully integrated to be part of the Nada brand. Jarr family, we are so excited to be your go-to destination for package-free groceries in Vancouver. We have worked hard to make sure all the details are aligned so that this transition is as smooth as possible. At Nada you’ll find the same great products, pricing, deposit jars, customer service, credit system and team. Plus you’ll enjoy some added bonuses like delivery five days a week in Vancouver, the ability to shop in-store with your own containers and delicious new products to try! As we look back on our journey, we are filled with love and pride for the impact we have made together in reducing waste. And as we move forward, we couldn't be more excited  to carry on our mission of reducing packaging waste in the world, stronger than ever!

You may have some more questions about the transition, so we’ve done our best to answer some of them below. If there is anything you are still unsure about please don’t hesitate to message us on Instagram or email at

When should I switch my orders to Nada?
The final day to place an order at will be February 13th. The website will no longer be open for orders on February 14th and will redirect you to Deliveries placed before February 14th will go out as normal the week of February 13th. 

What will happen to my credits?
On February 14th, you will receive an email from Nada asking if you wish to activate your account. Set up your new account with us there if you do not have one already. On February 14th we will also be moving all outstanding Jarr credits to Nada. So as long as you have an account with the same email address set up, you can continue to use your credits. If you would like to have your credits moved to Nada before Feb 14th, please reach out to to request that change. 

How do I use my credits at Nada?
The process for using credit at Nada is the same at Jarr. When you are logged into your account, your available credits will show on the cart page before checkout. Click the red button to apply your credits.

Will my delivery day change?
Nada has the same delivery schedule as Jarr for areas outside of Vancouver. Nada delivers to Vancouver customers five days a week, so you can choose the best day for you! Check out Nada delivery days here:

Is Nada delivering to Bowen Island now?
Yes! Nada will deliver to Bowen Island on Thursdays with a $5 delivery fee. The first delivery day is February 16th. 

Will all the same products be available?
Nada has all the same products that you know and love from Jarr, and even more new ones to try! Check out this collection of Jarr favourites:

What is the order minimum?
The order minimum for free delivery at Nada is $50. Any orders under $50 have a $10 delivery fee added. Pick-up orders are always free & we’d love to see you in-store or at the warehouse for these! 

How do I add on to my order at Nada?
If you have already placed an order for delivery at Nada, you can continue to add items to it by placing a pickup order using the same account before your cut off time. Using the pick up function allows you to bypass the automatic delivery fee that is added for orders under $50 if you just want to add additional items.

What is the order cut off time?
Order cut off is midnight before your delivery day. 

Will my bulk foods still arrive in deposit based canning jars?
Yes! Nada uses the same $2 deposit jars as Jarr.

Will my order still be delivered in a bin?
Yes! The bins Nada uses are the exact same grey plastic totes Jarr has used.

What is the vehicle Nada uses for delivery?
Nada uses electric vehicles from Modo Car Coop for delivery.

What should I do with my Jarr deposit jars? Can I still get credit back for them?
You can leave your Jarr deposit jars out when you place your next order just like you have done with before. We will accept all deposits back for the same value, we’ll just re-sticker them and continue to use them at Nada.

How do I request a bin pick-up with Nada?
We have a bin pick-up request form on the footer of our website where you can request a pickup. Here is a link to it:

Are Claire and Emily still involved? What is happening with the team?
Claire is still very involved and is the Operations Manager at Nada. Emily is currently in an advisory role and helping to support where she can while she focuses on beating breast cancer (which is going so well - way to go Emily!). The rest of the Jarr team has been integrated into the Nada family since the summer, and everyone will stay on board - we’re excited to keep working with you & bringing you package-free groceries!