Supplier Stories with Bonus Bakery

Supplier Stories with Bonus Bakery

In this week's supplier feature, we get to know the team from Bonus Bakery, a local, plant-based bakery located on 1185 Georgia St. W. Bonus Bakery is the home of unique stuffed cookies, and they also make muffins, scones, brownies and more...all from scratch! We've recently added their cinnamon buns, pizza pretzels & waffles to our collection of package-free goods here at Nada. Keep reading to learn more about how Bonus Bakery reduces waste in their supply chain, and how they're making plant-based more accessible for Vancouver locals.


How did the idea for a plant-based bakery come about?

We wanted to create a plant-based bakery where everyone can find something that they like, while breaking the stereotypes around plant-based living. Taste: our #1 priority, we want everybody to really enjoy our treats. Pricing: this is always top of mind to offer fairly priced awesome baked goods. Atmosphere: the bakery looks like any other, we don’t advertise anywhere that we are a plant-based bakery so it’s a little more approachable. Visual: we want our baked goods to look as appealing – if not more – to other bakeries!  Do you only work with local suppliers?

Because pricing is a big priority of ours, we work with some local suppliers but also others so that we are able to always be competitive.

How do you reduce waste in your supply chain? 

We choose to use a hybrid vehicle for deliveries whenever we can. For our wholesale orders, we only use reusable plastic containers that are to be collected at the next delivery, so we can ensure that we leave very little waste behind.

Whats your favourite baked goodie that you make?

Funny thing is I don’t really have a sweet tooth! While we have crazy cookies, my favourite item is our more classic Chocolate Walnut Cookie. Soooo good!


What’s next for Bonus Bakery?

Lots! We want to expand our product selection, and find a new, bigger location! We also want to continue to test frozen items a little more so we can offer more delicious goodies to local retail outlets in Vancouver.


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Nada & Bonus Bakery. We're excited to be able to bring so many of their delicious creations to our Nada shelves. Make sure to keep an eye out for new additions coming soon!

If you love Bonus Bakery, and what they are doing in your community make sure to check out their website, or support them by shopping their Pizza Pretzels, Cinnamon Buns & Waffles.