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You shop, we give: Nada joins 1% for the Planet!

Did you know that since we started our pop-up shops in late 2015 we have been donating over 1% of our sales to non-profits focused on food security, food waste, and the protection of our coasts and oceans? Nada was born out of the realization that we are facing an environmental crisis. And nearly every problem the ocean faces – from dead zones created by agricultural runoff to marine debris & plastic pollution, from overfishing to climate change – can be linked to the ways we grow, sell, and dispose of our food. We started Nada as a solution to this crisis, by inspiring people to change the way they shop for groceries.

But offering a new kind of retail is only one part of the solution. The environmental crisis is too large for any one company to attack by itself, and there are so many amazing organizations with boots on the ground now to protect our planet. We believe it equally part of our mission to give back through percentage of sales donations, community engagement events, and volunteer hours. That’s why we’ve committed 1% of sales to grassroots environmental non-profits over the past year and a half, and why we’re so thrilled to deepen that commitment today through official membership with 1% for the Planet.

What is 1% for the Planet?

1% for the Planet is a global movement of businesses supporting environmental solutions through donating 1% of annual sales to grassroots environmental non-profits. It was started in 2002 by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies who came to that same realization: we are facing an environmental crisis. In their words: climate change is an imminent threat, our food systems are increasingly stressed, and our lands, waters, and species are threatened like never before.”

In light of this crisis, only three percent of philanthropic giving in the U.S. goes to environmental causes… and only three percent of that comes from business.

1% for the Planet is a commitment to change that narrative. Member companies are committed to donating at least 1% of gross annual sales to carefully vetted grassroots environmental non-profits who are verified to making real change, right now.

Since 2002, 1% for the Planet has raised over $175 Million USD, with that amount growing each year. If you are a business, or even an individual looking for a great way to give back, we really recommend looking into this great network. You can find out more here.

How it works: You shop, we give!

You have an impact on the health of people and planet every time you shop at Nada. With our 1% for the Planet commitment, that impact is now three-fold:

  1. By choosing to shop package-free, you are supporting a system that disrupts the need for continued production and ultimate disposal of harmful plastic products. Because of its effects on oceans, organisms, and our own food systems, plastic production is increasingly seen as a problem as serious as climate change.
  2. By purchasing products that have been vetted by Nada as supporting beyond organic farming practices, transparent supply chains, and a thriving local economy, you are participating in the next food system revolution! You can find more about our sourcing criteria right here, or if you ever have a question about a particular product, send us a message and we’d be happy to chat.
  3. For every purchase you make, we are committed to donating 1% of sales to grassroots environmental non-profits who are aligned with our mission areas of food wastefood security, and protection of our coasts and waters.

Who are we donating to?

While today is the start of our commitment to 1% for the Planet, we have been donating a percentage of sales since late 2015. Only two things are changing: our commitment is deepened and strengthened through third-party verification, and the organizations we donate to will be carefully vetted for mission and impact.

Here are some of the organizations we have supported in the past*:
*Not all of these organizations are partners with 1% for the Planet, which requires that partner non-profits are registered charities with an environmental focus. We will continue to support social causes above and beyond our 1% for the Planet commitment.

Zero Waste Club Vancouver: Our very first giving partnership was with Zero Waste Club Vancouver, a monthly potluck-and-workshop series connecting YVR folks with resources to minimize landfill contributions, cut plastic and toxic chemical use, and rethink how they shop.

Growing Chefs Society: Supporting our work on food security, Growing Chefs has a mission to educate children and their families about healthy eating and healthy food systems through its Classroom Gardening and Cooking Programs.

Sunshine Coast Association for Community Living: SCACL has a social purpose to support people with developmental disabilities and their families living on the lower Sunshine Coast. We supported their wetland conservation project.

Surfrider Foundation: Surfrider is a community of everyday people passionate about our coast. They ensure beaches are accessible, keep our waters clean, protect our oceans, and keep plastics from polluting our waterways. We’re big fans of their ‘Straws Suck!’ campaign.

Georgia Strait Alliance: The GSA has been working for 25 years to protect the wildlife of the Georgia Strait, restore the region’s water and air quality, foster stewardship of the marine environment, and raise awareness of the links between marine and human health.

Society Promoting Environmental Conservation: We’re proud to support Canada’s oldest environmental non-profit! SPEC empowers local communities in the Lower Mainland to build a greener future through open education and outreach programs. Our funds help support their Master Recycler program.

Plastic Oceans: Plastic Oceans aims to change the world’s attitude toward plastic within one generation, in part through its amazing film ‘A Plastic Ocean‘.  In June we co-hosted a screening of the film with Patagonia Vancouver, donating 100% of our proceeds to the foundation.

The Binners’ Project: The Binners’ Project empowers binners, informal recyclables collectors who work to clean alleys and build community from the bottom up. We love their dual model of fostering social and economic inclusion while engaging on important sustainability issues.

Food Stash Foundation: FSF has a twofold mission to rescue food from producers and suppliers that would have been destined for the landfill, and to deliver edible food items to food-insecure households and individuals in Vancouver. We’ve been working with them for the last 3 months!

We’ve been donating 1% of sales from our July-September events to Food Stash Foundation!

Know of an organization who would be a great fit going forward? We welcome any recommendations of parters you would like us to support. All we ask is that it is a registered environmental charity or non-profit, with a specific focus on food waste, food security, plastic pollution, or the protection of our coasts and waters. Feel free to send us a message right here if you or someone you know would be a fantastic fit!

All together, for the planet,


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